Still Here...


Roam around a world of lush scenery to resolve a mystery



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Still Here is a 2D exploration game for players to fly around and venture out wandering through each level as a tiny creature named Pip. Explore beautiful natural settings while lending a hand to quirky artificial beings and dig out the truth about what really happened to Earth.

Controls in Still Here are very simple: by pressing the left part of the screen, your character flies left, while pressing the right of the screen has it flying to the right. Each level is a lush landscape for you to roam freely as Pip while collecting all the items you come across along your way.

Overall in Still Here you'll find eight distinct realms, along with three different characters to accompany you. In each of the scenarios within the game, you complete a series of missions for a handful of friendly characters.

Still Here is a very beautiful game, both visually and thematically. Well-suited for all audiences, it also has a perfect control system for touchscreens.
By Erika Okumura
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